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At Cercontec, we have the experienced personnel to perform hands-on construction of commercial buildings, highways, streets and drainage projects. We additionally provide quality control testing and construction inspections to ensure the completion of projects to the highest quality. Our licensed professional engineers on staff provide consulting and construction management of projects upon request.


Our Long-Term Goals

Vision: To be a leader in the restoration of the US infrastructure, create a work environment that fosters a relationship between individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they live by capturing the essence of “Home Economics.”

Mission: To increase stockholder wealth, promote successful entrepreneurship with succeeding generations, create career oriented jobs and an improved standard of living for our employees and citizens.

Values: To earn the trust of our clients, always maintain integrity, produce excellence, and preserve high morale and professionalism.

About Our Founder, Kerry Williams

Kerry L. Williams retired in 2011 with 32 years of experience in the field of civil engineering technology and public works with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Mr. Williams was a LaDOTD Construction Inspector for 22 years. In the latter stages of his career, he was one of three District Training Specialists. He served as the district’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Supervisor, managed a team of 30 maintenance employees and was a public relations representative for the parish of Caddo, where he dealt with complaints from motorists and property owners.

Mr. Williams also served as the district’s liaison between LaDOTD and railroad companies, coordinating the installation of new signals, surface crossings, and customer complaints in northwest Louisiana.

Education accomplishments include a Certification in Teaching and Learning from Louisiana State University, 2006; Associate of Arts from Axia College of the University of Phoenix, 2006, with a GPA of 3.60; and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Phoenix, 2008, with a GPA of 3.73. Additional Certifications: Mr. Williams is certified in PCC Structures, PCC Pavements, Asphaltic Concrete Pavements, Soils Excavation and Embankments.

“As a teen I used to go to the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium to watch professional wrestling matches with my brother-in-law and nephew. Across the street from the auditorium, gravestones in an elevated graveyard seemed to peek over onto patrons, most of whom were probably oblivious to the history literally staring them in the face.

Seeing Cowboy Bill Watts defeat Bruiser Bob Sweetan was much more important. I was among the uninterested. To be truthful, at 14 and hailing from Plain Dealing, Louisiana, this graveyard was way more scary than interesting.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 when my company was awarded the bid to install new sidewalks and shore up portions of Shreveport’s historic Oakland Cemetery. My education came quickly. I learned that the founders of our city were buried here and many more citizens of significance.

Instead of seeing the cemetery as the ominous place of my youth, Oakland Cemetery not only became my worksite but it also became a place of reverence for me. Along the way I got to know the members of the preservation committee and met tourists who frequented the site just to get a glimpse of its remarkable history. I also met family members visiting the graves of loved ones, and my work took on greater meaning.

Today, our work is complete, but my reverence for this place and its people has only been enhanced. I thank the City of Shreveport-Shreveport Parks and Recreation for the opportunity to apply my craft to its history.” – Kerry Williams

Licensed Professional Engineers:

Elvert U. Chisley, PE

Elvert U. Chisley has over 20 years experience as a licensed professional Civil/Structural Engineer. He has a B.S in Civil Engineering from Southern University (Baton Rouge, La.) and a M.S. in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University (E. Lansing MI.). Additionally, Mr. Chisley has 33 hours completed towards a PhD in Civil/Structural Engineering through Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.). He is licensed in the state of Louisiana as a Civil and Structural Professional Engineer and the state of California as a Civil Engineer.

Mr. Chisley’s experience includes extensive management and supervision of major road construction, residential construction project management, material testing as well as training and evaluating personnel. He worked seven years for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (1990-1997) and has worked for various consulting firms from 1997 to the present. Mr. Chisley possesses excellent communication skills; works well individually or as a team member, has the ability to create camaraderie within a team and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Engineering.

Project Managers:

Freddie J. Keener

Freddie J. Keener retired in 2013 after 26 years of service with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD). Mr. Keener’s experience with LaDOTD includes 11 years as a Roadway Construction Inspector, 5 years as a Fabrication Inspector where he traveled Louisiana and various other states monitoring the fabrications of steel and precast structures. In the final 10 years of his career Mr. Keener served as an Area Maintenance Specialist, managing approximately 70 employees and was a public relations representative dealing with customer complaints for the parishes of Webster, Claiborne and Bienville.

Educational and Honorary accomplishments; Mr. Keener attended Grambling State University, completed technical courses in drafting.

Military experience: Mr. Keener is a Vietnam Veteran who was wounded in combat and received “The Purple Heart”.

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