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Engineering Services

When you have a major construction project coming up, turn to Cercontec for assistance with civil inspection, project management and quality assurance. We will help you add some extra efficiency to the construction and management process. Contact us today for additional details about the services we offer.

Highway and Bridge Construction, Building Construction

Cercontec deals with contracts related to the construction of bridges, roadways, and buildings throughout the Shreveport region. Our team is backed by a combined 72 years of experience in highway construction, bridge construction, and infrastructure restoration.


Male engineer at a construction site

Engineering Consulting Services

Our engineers will facilitate services for your construction project. This includes putting proper change orders in place and adjusting blueprints/ plans as needed to ensure that project management goes as smoothly as possible. You can turn to us for all areas of construction engineering, traffic engineering, highway planning, and job site inspecting.

Civil Inspections

Cercontec employs technical engineers to provide corresponding professional services during the quality assurance process. Our road construction technicians are certified in various areas of construction engineering, including technology inspection, construction layout, and QC testing. You can count on us to meet all regulations and guidelines on federal and state funded projects. Learn more about us to see our qualifications.

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